Set Up Devices

OS supported by Cortado MDM

Get One MDM Solution for All Devices

No longer worry about device diversity. Get one solution to manage them all. Whether iOS, Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox – Cortado MDM flexibly adapts to the individual requirements of each platfrom. Easily set up, manage and fully leverage the potential of each device.

Enroll Devices Instantly

Whether you want to include tablets and smartphones owned by employees (BYOD) or brand new corporate devices (COPE), you have the freedom to decide. Assign policies, certificates and apps via the Management Console and push MDM profiles over-the-air to the device. You can even speed up enrollment by using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program or Managed Google Play Accounts which are fully supported by Cortado.

Push E-mail, Wi-Fi and VPN Settings

E-mail, Wi-Fi and VPN are key features for employees working on the go. Use the Cortado MDM Console to define corporate email, Wi-Fi and VPN settings for individual users, groups or the entire enterprise. All settings are delivered over-the-air to the users’ devices.


Deploy & Manage Any App

Cortado leverages the proven management capabilities of each operating system. This allows you to easily deploy any app without prior adjustments or additional management layers.

Push Apps Over-the-Air

Manage app permissions and configurations centrally. All mandatory apps will be pushed and automatically installed on the assigned devices. This of course also works when deleting apps.

Ensure Mobile Productivity

Empower users to install apps on-demand. Simply add recommended apps to the Enterprise Resource Store which is available to the user via their Self Service Portal.

Secure Data

Define Passcode Requirements & Force Encryption

Protect company data by setting up strong passcode requirements. Cortado’s sophisticated password system ensures security even when entering passwords in public spaces or in offline mode. For higher levels of security, additionally force encryption for corporate data stored on the device.

Set Up Restrictions, e.g. for Camera Use

Use policies to define permissions, such as for the use of the camera, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. You can also restrict the download of attachments, access to app stores, and much more. Policies can be assigned per user, user group, or device OS.

Lock, Locate & Wipe Devices Remotely

No need to worry if a device gets lost or stolen. Just remotely lock the screen to prevent unauthorized access. An option to locate the device is also at hand. In addition, data on the device can be remotely wiped. Choose the partial wipe to delete business data only, or the full wipe to restore your device to factory settings.

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